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At Ivanros, we manage to make your home or restaurant decoration the most original and genuine, as well as the souvenir you want to take from our country. Each one of us have our own style and preferences regarding decoration, although at Ivanros’s, we look for those ones that we all agree with, which is the will to obtain something one-of-a kind that provides that personal and distinguishable touch.  

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Everything you can think of in kitchenware, you can get it at Ivanros’s within our range of ceramic pieces made 100% with our hands. One of the articles we make is a ceramic napkin holder, which you can purchase online through our website.  

Our ceramic napkin holders fulfill the double purpose of decorating your home at the same time as their own utility. So, when you buy a ceramic napkin holder online, you are not just thinking of a simple tool to hold your napkins, but you are thinking of a product 100% spanish origin, made with local raw materials, made with the hands of professional potters from beginning to end, and with the tradition and avant-garde which define us.

Buy artisan ceramic napkin holders

Our artisan ceramic napkin holders are made with much care, patience and dedication, making them keep a part of each one of our pofessional potters’ soul in them. They are what we call “pieces with own voice”, which tell you about tradition, craftmanship and the manual manufacturing processes that historically differentiate our country.

In our online shop you can browse through all the models and collections of the artisan ceramic napkin holders we offer, keeping the traditional essence at all times, but providing that cutting-edge differentiated touch from other artisan ceramic products. Our pieces’ finish, as well as their painting, are made exclusively by hand, respecting the methods our grandparents taught us and which represent this artistic work.

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