Manufacturer of decorative and artistic ceramics

Artistic and decorative ceramicsis an industry full of history. And so is ourfactory. At Ivanros, we have been working a whole life on one of the activities with more tradition in our country:
art & craft ceramic manufacturing.
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  • 100% Artisan Product
    100% Artisan Product
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    Free shipping from 150€ in Spain
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Our parents already worked the clay and pottery; a culture they have instilled in us since our early ages, passing that way from generation to generation. This tradition makes every article coming out from our artistic ceramic factory be the product of an artisan original manufacture; 100% made with our own hands.

In our online artisan ceramics shop you can access those products which better represent and identify the tradition of our land. Artistic ceramics which embodies history, charm and unforgettable memories, perfectly matching modernity and new trends. Renewed, but without fogetting where we come from, who we are.

Online sale of unique artisan decorative and functional ceramic pieces

Every piece which leaves our decorative ceramic company is one of a kind, each one of them is like no other, unique. This is an essential part that justifies the exclusivity of our andalusian traditional ceramics. The whole manufacturing process takes place in our artistic and decorative ceramic Factory, from shaping the piece to its distribution, including the hand painting of every single piece. If you are looking for spanish traditional ceramics, a company which supports spanish local raw material, you are in the perfect place.

La Rambla traditional ceramics craftsmen

Every manufacture is made in a precise way, and with all the care it deserves. A working philosophy which is part of each one of our professionals. Ivanros’s bet is fully committed to the respect of the raw material, which is exclusively coming from our land, La Rambla; a town which is historically recognized for its artisan tradition and where the clay which shapes the best spanish traditional ceramics comes from.

We wave La Rambla’s flag and its raw material everywhere we go with our product, making, exclusively, ceramics from La Rambla. Among the artistic ceramics manufacturers in our country, only a few of them offer a fully locally made artistic ceramics online sale.

At Ivanros you can purchase 100% spanish ceramics, a unique product which comprises all our tradition and culture. The art of working with the hands.

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