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At Ivanros’s, we also offer ceramic Spoon Rests decorated 100% by hand. These pieces, just like all our products, are made with local raw material and we put in the process all our love and tradition of a family who has been working our pottery for over 50 years the artisan way. 

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Ceramics from La Rambla, officially considered of regional touristic value, is the result of decades of knowledge and experience transmitted from parents to sons with the only purpose of creating unique and unrepeatable pieces which carry a piece of history of each one of the hands that worked them.

Additionally you can chose among a wide range of collections for you to pick the design that fits your style.

Purchasing hand painted Spoon Rests

If you own a restaurant and would like to display in it a design with a different and unique touch, you can purchase hand painted spoon rests at Ivanros’s. Who wouldn’t like to find details of design as original as the ones in our Spoon Rests?. Also, we make modern and original designs painted by hand which means there are no two pieces the same.  

But if what you are looking for is a genuine and traditional design for your kitchen, which includes natural features of our culture, in between folklore and mainstream, our hand painted spoon rests are a no-brainer. This kitchen accessory doesn’t just have a decorative purpose, yet it is highly functional as you can place your cooking tools safely and cleanly as you cook. The importance of details.

At Ivanros’s, you will find perfection made ceramics. Each piece created in our workshop has a different story, our hands shape them, turning them into a small piece of our hearts aimed at inspiring your home.

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