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At Ivanros, we love everything which is made “slow cooked”, a final product born in our own hands by using the raw material from our land, La Rambla. Here, you can shop your artisan dinnerware set, with the best quality and a unique design.

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We culminate the decoration and presentation of your table with an artisan ceramic dinnerware set, created to mark the difference in your important meals. A dinnerware set which represents the value of tradition, keeping that essence and being on the cutting-edge trends at the same time.

We also offer the possiblity of purchasing our dinnerware sets for wholesale, for businesses like restaurants whose owners want to offer a real experience to their customers by telling them a story of tradition in the shape of plates, trays, mugs or cups.

Unique designs artisan ceramic dinnerware set manufacturer

Each one of our creations hides unique features; details that can only be obtained by making them the artisan way and with the love we putin every piece. For us, designing our craft dinnerware ceramic sets is a lifestyle, a way to unleash our creativity using the processes and traditional means. The way to capture elegance, history, dedication and style in one piece.

This makes each one of our products bring with it a part of the person who created it; the things he felt at that particular moment; a story of love and clay which gave birth to a piece of ceramic totally genuine.

Buy handmade ceramic dinnerware made in Spain

From Spain and handmade: these are the two fundamental pillars of our artisan ceramic Factory. If in any part of the manufacturing process the piece is not processed by hand, it is not an Ivanros’s product. Many other companies outsource to third parties the painting process of the ceramics, making the process more industrial. At Ivanros’s, we sell ceramic dinnerware painted by hand by our professionals, the only way to ensure the final product is 100% artisanal.

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