Our love for authenticity made us artisans, but our passion for things well done has led us to collaborate with major brands such as Christian Dior, Cervezas Alhambra and Loewe, among others.

In our workshop we work hard to bring tradition to the door of large companies. Not only the creativity of colors or decorations in our pieces, the quality of the ceramics we work with, our effort and our capacity, have made us one of the most promising companies in the sector.


I still remember our little workshop at the end of the street. Now I, the third generation of potters, model clay with my hands. A passion shared with my parents and grandparents, who more than 50 years ago, with love and effort, sowed the dream of this trade in our family. The dream has grown and we are now more than 30 people working in Ivanros.

Times have changed, but our art remains intact. My passion rekindled the embers of a business that, though faltering, was never extinguished. Each piece we create is not just pottery; it is my family's story, a legacy that continues to turn on the wheel of time.


Our workshop and our history are located in La Rambla, Córdoba. Our town exudes art through a great legacy of potters and ceramists. This tradition has turned this Andalusian enclave into one of the epicenters of handcrafted ceramics in Spain.

The streets of La Rambla are impregnated with workshops that, generation after generation, like my father and grandfather, have preserved ancestral techniques, fusing them with contemporary innovations. Workshops that produce everything from decorative tiles to tableware and sculptures, reflecting not only the skill of their artisans, but also the soul of a community that has made ceramics the beating heart of its cultural heart.

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