More than 50 years ago we decided to start a project founded on a dinasty of potters; our parents and grandparents, who instilled in us this culture and art. LIke other people in this sector, we started from downwards , making pieces in a small workshop, where one could already breathe that passion that defines us. By then, we were full of dreams and great expectations. Our goals were based in reivindicating this art and transmitting both the tangible and intangible value of a product totally made by hand using very old manufacturing techniques and only local raw material. 

Now, the philosophy and feelings haven’t changed, the essence is kept like the first day. We are a bigger team, with a bigger production capacity, a ceramic factory highly recognized in the market; but, above all, we keep being the same Ivanros from 50 years ago.

La Rambla

La Rambla is the point of origin of all our pieces. The flag we wave everywhere we go, vindicating the flawless raw material that we get from this land.

El barro que utilizamos en nuestras distintas creaciones de cerámica proviene de La Rambla, un municipio históricamente reconocido por esta actividad artesanal y del que nos sentimos muy orgullosos.

Tradition & Innovation

The manufacturing methods used at Ivanros are totally traditional, respecting the art & culture that brought our industry to life. But despites this respect to tradition, we possess a distinctive feature compared to other ceramic manufacturers which is based on creativity and an avant-garde movement which we imprint on our collections. This way, we create unique genuine craft ceramic pieces.


In our workshop, one can breathe the concentration, inspiration, creativity, avant-garde, tradition…. As son as you step into our workshop, time seems to stop; everything moves at a different pace, deliberately slow so you can feel the loving care and the dedication all our working team projects in every piece. Ivanros’s workshop is a trip to the past, with much present, and a huge future.

Art in its Pure State.