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When we sit for lunch or dinner and our meals are served on a clay piece, we associate it immediately with tradition, the heat of the embers, the love for cooking….

At Ivanros’s we wanted to match our passion with new tendencies, so we present a new collection of artisan ceramic bowls. That’s why we make these bowls with a different and unique style, which puts together tradition with good taste and modern design.  

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These bowls are ideal to serve salads, creams and soups. Because we know that a big portion of a gastronomic experience lies on the presentation and display. Contact us and be informed of our artisan bowls sales service.

Purchasing ceramic hand painted bowls

All our products are made in Spain with our own hands. The exclusive use of local raw material and a careful and exhaustive manufacturing process allow us to be able to offer you unique craft pieces. If you are searching where to buy ceramic hand painted bowls, don’t doubt it and trust the experience and good taste of Ivanros. Our effort and love for a well done job is reflected in our excepcional ceramic pieces, in modern contemporary designs which will make of your kitchen, dining room or restaurant a special place where tradition, design and love for the natural features of our culture can be tasted.  

Craft in its pure state, passion for our tradition and mediterranean lifestyle, raison d’être and inspiration of the family it’s part of. Just like a mother’s cooking; slow cooked, no rush. Because there’s nothing like feeling always at home, at Ivanros’s we create products that bring us memories of our grandma’s house, which are like that protecting kiss that made us feel in the best possible hands: our family’s. Let us take you back to those moments….Ivanros’s moments.

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