Artisan ceramic salad low bowls

At first glance, eating a salad is something simple, but it could be much more of an experience if it’s served in a low salad bowl painted by hand with original and unique designs.

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At Ivanros, we offer our ceramic salad low bowls sales service for your kitchen or restaurant. We make our products as if they were for ourselves, just like our parents and grandparents did 30 years ago. We only work with the best quality raw material, which is obtained locally, assuring that way that the manufacturing process is exactly the same as in the past. Because one of our values is the respect for our land’s pottery and ceramics tradition.  

Visit our online shop and you will be able to check over our wide range of 100% craft ceramic pieces. Because our products are part of ourselves and our history. Because we keep loving this profession which has been the sustenance and recognition for the town of La Rambla.

Purchasing Ceramic Salad low Bowls online 

We are aware of the fact that it could be difficult for customers to visit our Factory shop. Because of that, you can purchase our ceramic salad low bowls online safely and comfortably. We provide secure payment ways to protect your money and you can order them from home. At Ivanros, we’ve been working for years in order to keep this craft profession which has been part of our lives since we were kids, and we would like to get our legacy out to every dining-room, kitchen or restaurant. If you are tired of monotony and are looking forward to renewing your dinnerware, trust the know-how and good taste of Ivanros. Because we make our products with the best quality for you, just as we always did for ourselves.

Enjoy making your guests live a unique experience through the tradition and ceramic culture we support at Ivanros’s.

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