Artisan ceramic olive oil drizzler

Olive oil is one of the most highly recognized products from our land. A symbol of Spanish gastronomy and world wide reference. Olive oil and ceramics are closely linked together based on the tradition that surrounds both arts.

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The long and complicated process of obtaining a good Extra Virgin Olive Oil must be finalized with a decorative container that matches that top quality. For this reason, we put a special care in the artisan ceramic olive oil drizzlers which we design and manufacture at Ivanros’s, creating that way a unique spot to preserve our liquid gold.  

The artisan ceramic olive oil drizzler is an element that provides your table and kitchen decor with originality and soul for your guests, or in those restaurants that wish to emit that craft smell. They are widely used in restaurants serving traditional mediterranean food, highly rooted in our land, and made using the ingredients and cooking methods our grandmas did. 

The best vehicle to get carried away in this trip to ancient traditional cooking is an artisan ceramic olive oil drizzler. 

Ceramic olive oil drizzlers online purchase

At Ivanros’s, you can purchase your ceramic olive oil drizzlers online. Made through a 100% manual manufacturing process, from the first drafts to their final hand painting and sale. You will get a product totally genuine, one of a kind and coming from only spanish raw material, using the renowned clay from La Rambla, the town of traditional ceramics par excellence.  

You can acquire one same design for your drizzler, matching it to other collectible craft items you would like to get. In order to do that, you just need to check our ranges and chose the ones that better fit your style. 

We all want our homes or businesses to project personality, to create a space with its own soul and its own voice; features you can only get by filling them with product which have been made through totally handmade manufacturing processes, just like we do at Ivanros’s.  

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