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Plates are one of the most important elements in a dinnerware set and their design takes a leading role, consequently. Ceramic artisan dinnerware plates are like no other ones, they become an inspiration for your table, the perfect representation of aesthetics, avant-garde and the traditional essence.

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Decoration of any space is the soul of their residents. It shows people’s character, taste, preferences….even the way to understand lifestyle. Artisan ceramic dinnerware plates are a perfect article to feel all that. Placing on your table totally unique pieces, created with the love and the hands of the professionals at Ivanros’s.

In order to create artisan ceramics with soul one must have been swayed in the cradle of tradition, having received the essence of this art by your parents and grandparents, their methods and customs, obtaining that way the vocation which makes this unique craft ceramics happen. This was the breeding ground of our decorative and artistic ceramic Factory. The dream and passion of real craftsmen.  

Online sale of hand painted dinnerware plates

At Ivanros’s you shall discover the real taste for the handmade, the passion and soul of professionals who have learnt and lived the pottery and tradition of this business since they were kids. Instilled in us by our parents and grandparents, we make pieces 100% manually, from the first drafts, to their final painting.

We offer our ceramic dinnerware plates online sale with the purpose of exposing the tradition that historically represents our country, elevating business sectors like this. We wave the flag of the local raw material, originating from La Rambla. Pieces full of life and truth.  

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