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If you are thinking of renewing your tabletop serveware or making a unique original gift, our big tabletop craft ceramic serveware pieces are the ideal option. Hand processed, fired, and painted by hand, our big serveware bowls are made with 100% local raw material.

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Every piece created in our workshop has a different story; our hands shape them, turning them into a small piece of our heart to inspire your home. They are imbued with the tradition and the good work of a family who have been working ceramics for over 30 years. In addition to the respect of tradition, we innovate by making new and unique ranges to offer the perfect synthesis between history and design. We love inspiring your daily life with a fresh and bright touch which tells beautiful stories over a good meal. At Ivanros’s, we are specialized in shaping tradition by providing new designs and products; innovative and high quality.

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Do you have in mind renewing your kitchen or restaurant dinnerware?

At Ivanros’s, we wholesale our products, developing a structure that supports local growth and which looks out for keeping the last fragments of the ceramic culture from Cordoba. We make complete collections of big ceramic serveware pieces for your kitchen in order to provide your business with that touch of remembrance through which your customers will feel they just entered a different and special place they will never forget. Give them the opportunity to enjoy their dinner served on our 100% craft dinnerware made in Spain by a family who looks out for not losing the passion that brings to life this ceramics with La Rambla’s accent.

Don’t doubt it and take a look at the wide range of 100% artisan products we offer. Our partners and customers have trusted us for more than 30 years. Ivanros, specilists in 100% craft ceramics from La Rambla.

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