Shallow Salad Bowl / Shallow Pasta Plate 23 cm Natural Granite


Shallow Salad Bowl & Pasta Plate 23 cm Hand painted Design Natural Granite. Granite is a rock composed of 3 different minerals: Quartz is the grey component, Feldspar is the white one and Mica is the black one. A balanced combination of the 3 of them gives a beautiful Natural Granite color. So, we offer you the possibility to choose between the 4 different finishes: Grey (Quartz), White (Feldspar), Black (Mica) or Granite look (the former three in a balanced combination). 

Salad Bowls
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Shallow Salad Bowl 23 cm. Shallow Pasta Plate 23 cm. Spanish ceramics. Hand painted Natural Granite Design. Individual Pasta Plate. Individual Salad Bowl. Tableware & Dinnerware piece. Spanish Mediterranean ceramics. Microwave and dishwasher safe. 


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5,5 cm
23 cm
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