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Is there anything more typical in a kitchen than a sugar pot and a salt pot?. Probably not. When we talk about these 2 articles, we all have in mind our Mum or Grandma picking sugar or salt from its ceramic container and, of course, the name “Salt” or “Sugar” engraved in them. There are memories that one never forgets, and if you close your eyes, we are sure you can relive that exact image. That is the reason why we make the online sale of ceramic sugar pots and salt containers, to make you live your memories, or what is the same, live two times.

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At Ivanros we are in love with all the traditional, that’s why we have been working over 50 years in one of the oldest craft arts: ceramics. We give birth to what we call “living memories” with our own hands; pieces and gadgets one can identify at first glance, but with the cutting-edge touch that differentiates us from the rest. A process 100% manual, following the dogmas of lifelong potters and ceramic manufacturers, yet with a disruptive design perspective.

Sugar Pot and Salt Dispenser online purchasing

At Ivanros’s, you can buy sugar pots and salt dispensers online, made with local raw material, 100% coming from La Rambla and setting forth the great artistic talents that have distinguished our country from yore.

The people that make up our team and put their souls in every piece we make, have taken ceramics as a lifestyle from their early steps, imbued by their fathers and grandfathers, who transmitted this passion we express through ceramics. Salt Pots, Sugar Pots, Bowls, Dishes….We make all type of kitchenware, through a creative process strictly manual.

Life’s secret fire lies behind doing what you love; that’s how we understand artistic and decorative ceramics at Ivanros’s.  

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