Ivanros is an artisan and artistic ceramic manufacturer who makes his product for wholesale. Our articles are found in several retail points like Barcelona, all of Spain’s East coast, Madrid and Andalusia. Moreover, our product is also distributed internationally through the most important marketplaces in the world, mainly in the United States and Northern European countries. Also, the distribution channels are wide ranging , ranging from the gift and souvenir retail channels to Horeca and big volume channels for dinnerware and housewares.

In these cases we offer the possiblity of custom made ítems in which our customers chose the visual line of the pieces to make, adapting to the customers’ needs with total flexibility.

Although our work is 100% hand processed, we are a big working team which makes possible the delivery of big volume orders in good record timings with the best quality. We accomplish the timings, desing and quality specs requested. 

We make each piece with our own hands in a creative process which fulfills all of Ivanros’s Dogmas: passion, inspiration and tradition. This brings as a result a product which is totally artisan and genuine; made, indeed, with local raw material.

Artistic ceramics 100% spanish craft.