Ceramic Olive Plate online sale

At Ivanros we also make with our hands, just like our grandpas used to do, our Olive Plates for your Tapas time. A product so characteristic and embedded in our culture like the olive, from which we obtain that liquid gold which has been the sustenance of hundreds of families in Andalusia, deserves being served in a dish like ours.

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Because we love our land and our culture, we offer you these Olive Plates, shaped, fired and painted 100% by hand. Provide your table or restaurant with these ceramic pieces made with all our care, respect and tradition. Because we have been working pottery and ceramics for over 50 years at Ivanros’s. Because we want to keep our culture and tradition running through our veins alive, and make you a part of it. Don’t doubt it and check our catalogue; make your home or restaurant be a reflection of tradition and good taste.

Purchase Ceramic Olive Plates for your olives Tapas serving

Who wouldn’t fancy a cold beer with your olives tapas in a handmade unique dish?. If you are also one of those who takes care of the details and values craftmanship, you can check out our 100% local handmade Olive Plates. At Ivanros we offer a wide assortment of ceramic Tapas tableware pieces for you to share (the essence of Tapas is sharing) almost every meal you can imagine.

We have spent a lifetime putting all our determination and passion in keeping our local ceramic tradition, and it’s our wish to be able to place a piece of our land on every table. Because of that, and because the whole manufacturing process is completely artisan, trust Ivanros and surprise yourself with our ceramic Olive Plates, in addition to the wide variety of unique ceramic pieces in our catalogue.

Over 50 years matching the tradition and design which endorse our work.

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